torsdag 29 december 2011

United States of America, the ultimate failed state.

For my Swedish readers, sorry for writing in English. But I have to.

There's a lot of discussions nowadays about failed states. It doesn't matter wheter it is Somalia, Greece or any other national state entity. But nobody discusses wheter the US of A is a failed state. And how could we. The EU budgets are depending of the US citizens and their spending. It does not matter whether it is on Italian foods or German luxury cars. So why is the US of A a failed state then?

1. Look at the government debt. 15,166 bn USD and rising. For every $100 the US government spends, it has to borrow $40 from somewhere. The problem with loans are that they have to be repayed someday. Or the repo-man will get a go for you. Of course it will not happen to a national state with nukes, but you get the picture.

2. Look at all aspects of social wellfare or the medical system. Almost four times the death rate of newborn children compared to most European countries. People get into personal bankrupcy due to medical bills. Insurance companies do their best not to pay for customers claims.

3. A almost fascist system of law enforcement. SWAT teams that would make most other countries special forces green of envy. News that exaggerate the criminal threat in society.

So is the US really cracking up? Yes, it is. Bipartisanship in both the Democratic and Republican camp are doing their best to really sabotage the government at all cost. Everybody thinks they have something to gain by doing this. The problem though, is that the regular Joe and Jane has to suffer for this.

First and foremost, the US should not be in debt to any "shady" debtors at all. Saudi-Arabia, sounds like a stable democracy to owe money to, does it not?! The nice people that behead people for witchcraft. OK, I know, it's almost the same as detaining people in Gitmo for the reason that someone sold them out for a few measly dollars. In essence, PAY BACK YOUR DEBTS! Don't create more!

Regarding social wellfare and health care. Do as the Europeans, pay a little more taxes for the peace of mind. And give all insurance companies a big kick in the butt. They're not improving your society, they're vultures making a fortune on your unfortune. Rembember that. Their objective is NOT your best, it's the shareholders best.

Get a humanitarian system of law enforcement and penal system. You can never regret a death sentence carried out. Even one erroneous capital punishment is one too much. Yes, some people has to be locked up for life, but others CAN be treated to become contributing members of society.

What about this bipartisanship then? Well, the people of US seems to feel that it's ok to carry your rapists child to birth and raise it. I would never want my daughter to do that. So in some cases abortion is actually ok. If you say it's not ok, let somebody rape your daughter and see what you think about that.

Or the foolish notion that a guy is unreliable as a president, because he's not 100% white and his name is Barak HUSSEIN Obama. What a bunch of hogwash. The republicans options are really smarter, are they not? I recall a governor who couldn't talk straight to a reporter. Or a guy who REALLY believes that his underwear would protect him against evil. Yeah, right, my underwear becomes dangerous, if I don't change it often enough. Or as Newt, who really is a war monger and don't give a shit about what people think about him. He should stand trial instead at the ICC or something more relevant.

So what does the US of A really need? I will not say it's Obama. There is a good possibility that other candidates are better. Because good rethorics will not make a good leader. Good rethorics will get you good ads and oneliners, but not neccesarily good decisions.

The republicans are too protective in their interests in the captialistic system of the corporate America. It will fail, because capitalism has one flaw that always will make it vulnerable. That is the greed to always earn more money. So that means that the capitalists invest in politicians that agree to support the corporate need for protection against taxes and other means that limits the corporate revenues.

So in essential, some politicians are selling out the citizens basic needs for their political interests. It will end up by US citizens having an environment destroyed by oil compaines going for oil shale, a medical system that is over-expensive for the consumer and Wall-Marts bying all their stuff from Chineese factories etc.

For the US citizens, there's only a few options left.

1. Buy only stuff made in the US of A. The bad and cheap stuff will come from China and will get you unemployed. The expensive and good stuff will come from Germany and Japan. Demand that your companies makes German/Japaneese quality at almost Chineese price points and you will get jobs and market shares.

2. Boycott media like Fox that lies and makes you feel more miserable every day. Kick out politicians that are not working for US jobs and made in the USA. Remenber that I'm NOT talking about government contracts, because they've got to be payed with money that YOU have paid in taxes.

3. Demand that your political parties supports politicians that supports the REAL issues. To be honest, where's your priorities? Would you prefer that your raped daughter was denied abortion or that you had a good job at a competitive company. If you prefer the first, I will look forward for Darwin to collect your starving bones from the ground. If you prefer the second, then you're on the way to solve your countries problems. And really, if God would let you burn in hell for that priority, what kind of God would that be?

And by the way, a failed state is just a question of time. All national states has to be transformed/reformed at one time or another. I know that for some Americans, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are almost as sacred as the tablets with the ten commandments, but really, are YOU for real then? As I recall, the first Bill and Constitution did not even allow for black people to vote, did they? And of course that was changed due to political reasons and needs. Not to mention the racist bias on thoose original documents.

Remember that everything written by man can and has to be reviewed in the context of the times that you live in. What was OK in the 18th century is NOT neccesarily OK today. So get a grip and get real. Change your Constituion where it needs to and keep the good parts.

And kick out the religious extremists that claims that a book written by man contain all the truths for todays world, even though it's over 1000 years old. Would you trust a medical book 1000 years old? Thought that you wouldn't. Religion can give you sensible guidelines, but not the absolute truth, because there is none. Do to your fellow citizens as you would like to be treated yourself, and you're on your way to a better life.

So my final besserwisser advice to all US citizens is to kick out all politicians corrupted by the corporations and make a fresh start with sensible moral guidelines. There is no black and white world, only shades of gray. It's up to you to be in the lighter gray shades and not the darker ones.

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