torsdag 26 januari 2017

You can't run a country, like you can run a company

I just found this interesting article about president Trump's executive orders.

So you ran the company, where you were the majority owner. Anyone you didn't like, you could just shout to : "Youre fired".

Yes, it works, if you're the CEO or chairman of a company, where you own the stock majority. It is your money, your risk, your loss.

But now, the president think that he can do that with a country, without consultations. Well, the president is only one part of the government, subject to the laws of the Congress and monitored by the Supreme Court. So the president really, really think that he can outsmart the Congress, the Supreme Court and a country, where probably one in every ten persons in the workforce has a law degree.

Not consulting your own government departments is not a good start to sign executive orders. And if they turn out illegal, how long will an impeachment take?

And what does it say about the voters, who thought that president Trump would be Christs second coming? That they didn't elect Christ, but a recless man who thought that bullying and loudmouthing was a good way to run a country.

Well, this being a blog about statemanship, I'm not so impressed. Nor did I expect to be.

But Donald, couldn't you have choosen your coaches for running a country wiser?

Ah, forgot that, you choose your peers, not people who know how to run a country.

My guess is that you'll be impeached next year, this time, when you've pissed of enough of your voters, so that the Republicans in the Congress know that your time has come.

Mr. President, impeachment is a political way to say: "You're fired!"

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