tisdag 15 december 2015

Somewhat decent solution

Some of you were maybe a little stressed with my blog post "Indecent proposal".

Of course nothing has really happened to put that kind of "indecent" pressure on the muslim countries. But it gives food for thought that maybe there is more than meets the eye, considering that 34 islamic countries, with the Saudis in lead have created an anti-terrorism coalition.

The clear indicator for the future failure of this coalition is that Iran is not part of the coalition. So the Saudis will probably target shia organizations more than sunni ones. And Daesh being sunni, I really don't see how things would change.

To be honest, there is two more countries that are NOT a part of the coalition. Iraq, with a sunni majority population and government and Syria, with the Alawites in lead of the government. Hence I see the dangers of this coalition just further escalating the Sunnis claim to implement "pure" islam and working mainly against non-Sunni terrorist organizations.

So what can I say? Yes, the Sunni governments have been somehow coerced to start this coalition. But the targeting of the coalition will not solve the main issue, ie. the conflict between very strict Sunni views that Saudi holds vs. other islamic denominations.

Peace in our time? Muslims cleaning their own dirty laundry?

Wouldn't bet any money on that yet.

And yes, Turkey as a part of that coalition should give the European Union the jitters, because it's an indication that Erdogan is striving to reverse all the secular progress that Kemal Mustafa Atatürk introduced, when Atatürk created the modern Turkey. But of course, Erdogan holds the European Union by the balls, being able to regulate the flow of "refugees" to Europe.

Still, I think that my indecent proposal would have been more effective and cost less in blood and tears.

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  1. Min gissning är att det är en koalition skapad av USA för att på sikt gå in med marktrupper i Syrien i syfte att strida för USA:s syften. Alltså bara ett sätt genomföra den politik som USA genom IS sökt genomföra men som nu tillfälligt stoppats med gemensamma krafter av Syrien, Ryssland, Iran, Irak och Hezbolla.