söndag 9 mars 2014

Mr. Putin, a coward.

Open letter to Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.

Hi, Mr. President.

I write this letter, because I'm nobody, and you don't care about people, who are nobody.

My statement as nobody is clear, Mr. Putin. You are a coward. I will explain this.

Firstly, even though the change of government in Ukraine has not affected the ethnic Russians in Crimea, you opted to invade Crimea with false pretexts. NO ethnic Russian in Crimea has been subjected to any kind of violence when your troops moved in to secure the Crimean peninsula. You're state controlled media has tried to show pictures of refugees from the Crimea, although they were utterly fabricated.

So the first evidence of you being a coward is that you intervened in fear of a democratic development in Ukraine. For you, democracy seems to be a big scare. That  makes you a coward.

Secondly, I know that you will deny that there are ANY Russian troops in Crimea. You boldly state that they're just locals who went shopping for the uniforms and weapons. In that case, you're a worthless intelligence officer. How can theese volounteers have access to Tigr armoured vehicles that has been issued to YOUR own elite Spetznaz units? But of course, as an intelligence officer, you're incompetent. OR you're a coward, who do not want to investigate how heavy military vehicles issued to you ELITE units got to the Crimea.

The second evidence of your cowardice is that you don't really want to clarify the situation. I'm sure that the so called local "militias" would listen to your orders. Or send a Russian general with the OSCE group. But then, you're a coward and probably not in control of your military.

Thirdly, I don't understand why you fear the EU. EU is founded by democratic countries with a shared Christian history but also some inter-European wars. The EU was created to avoid that kind of historical wars and to start cooperating within Europe. Even the European financial crisis has been handled quite well, if I may say so. Yes, we're not up yet, but we will prevail. So my question is why don't you find it attractive for the Russian Federation to join the EU instead? The Russian people are admirable, and their education is also of very high standard. That means that Russia would benefit a lot from cooperation with the European Union.

The third evidence is even worse for you. Your fear of democracy either shows that you're still a communist, although no intelligent people today believe in communism. Or that your fear of people finding out what you have stolen from the Russian people would make former President Yanoukovich look like a saint.

But then, of course, history will remember you as a zampolit, not a tzar. And zampolits are always cowards.

I'll finnish this up whit a story.

Two KGB men sat at a bar and had a couple of drinks.

The first one asks the second one:
-"Oleg, what are you thinking of?"
-"Same as you, comrade Vladimir Vladimirovich."
-"In that case, Oleg, I have to arrest you...."

The worst thing for you, Mr. President, is that you fear your own people and don't trust the greatness of the Russian people.

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