lördag 1 mars 2014

What is the most proper course of action in Ukraine?

So, the Russian Duma (parliament) has authorized Putin to start a war in Ukraine.

It seems to be a fait accompli in all senses. So what can we do? My short answer is that in military terms, nothing.

Does it make us helpless in regard to Russia? No, but there is always a centre of gravity to exploit. In military terms, there is no way to contest Russian military might in Ukraine. So what can we exploit?

I have a proposal.

First, we can all agree to that both Putin and many members of the Russian Duma has other financial assets than their official salaries. Putin is believed to be one of the richest persons on the planet.

So, now to my proposal.

List Putin, his ministers and Duma members.

EU and the US should freeze ALL theese individuals assets immediately. And publicly announce the assets to the Russian population. It would be interesting to see if the Russian politicians would acknowledge that it was indeed their own assets. If not, then the assets could be confiscated.

You see, it's always about the money. Would Putin be willing to risk his personal assets for Crimea?  I'm not too conviced that he would. Also, it would put Putin in a very awkward position.

But as always, the EU and US politicians lack this kind of imagination, and probably they also lack the cojones to directly target Putin and his henchmen.

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  1. This issue is NOT at all as simle as you want to make it. Have you completely forgot the strong underlying nationalistic tendencies in Ukraine? Have you forgot that Ukraine was very sympathic with nazi Germany during WW2? Ukraine and Baltic volunteers were used by the Einsatzgruppen and in the extermination camps to do the worst and most horrifying tasks in the holocaust, has that slipped your mind? Who are the people on the squares in Kiev besides freedom fighters? Why do they flag with extreme right wing flags beside the Ukraine flag? This matter is much more complicated than Swedish national media tryes to describe it, with many layers and hidden agendas. For Sweden it's pathetic to have a government and a foreign minister who are so blind folded that they always justifies all US crimes while they hastily condemn all Russian actions. For example where was the world's reaction upon US war on Iraq? An absolut crime based on fabricated evidence and an insane president's personal vendetta? After all, Ukraine has much more in common with Russia than Iraq with US, don't you think? So, let's not jump into conclusions but gather more information to get a clearer picture. One thing is for sure; Sweden is to be ashamed for its government and foreign minister!

  2. I welcome the FSB/SVR commentator to this blogg.

    In order to get straight answers from you, I will just ask you very simple yes/no questions.

    Historical crimes or neglects to acknowledge histroical crimes do not justify new crimes, can we agree on that? Yes/no

    Do you believe that any participants in the current evets in Ukraine also participated in the atrocities of WW2? Yes/no

    Do you think that Stalins actions predating and during WW2 were justified? Yes/no

    Can you prove that ANY ethic russians in Crimea has been targeted by the new government in Kiev? Yes/no

    According to some reports, Putin is one of the worlds richest men. How can a russian presidential and prime ministers salary be that high. Do you agree that Putin should be open about his PERSONAL assets? Yes/no

    So, my dear info/psyops officer, better have your answers straight, before you reply. But I fear that you're just trying to justify Russian actions for your own population. I can just refer you to an earlier blog, where I described the US of A as the ultimate failed state. But I guess you missed it.

    Никакая пропаганда не изменится факты. И у вас нет правильных фактов.

  3. Thank U "statsmannen",

    Straight questions deserve straight answers,

    1. Historical crimes do of course NOT justify new crimes.
    2. No, but some oldies are still around. This question is problematic though; on one hand you shall and must forgive and forget BUT at the same time questions arise concerning how much this generation and society has passed on to the present generation when it comes to oppinions and values.
    3. Stalin? In my book of crimes only second to Hitler.
    4. Nope, no targeting so far.
    5. Not only that, I think he should donate most of it to the sick and poor. Maybe join Gates campaign of "donating billionairs"?

    Dear 'Statsmannen', I think I have most of my facts pretty clear, but we all learn as long as we live. First of all, just like everywhere else, I think US uses infiltrative tactics here as well, in order do instigate revolts that promotes their own imperialistic desires. All means are justified against the old foe, even if it means cooperating with ultra nationalists and neo nazis. Personally, I do not like that approach, right is right and wrong is wrong. Maybe truth will be revealed in a future documentary as usual.

    Nope, I am not pro Russia or pro US or pro any other country either, but I am pro humanism. To see neo nazi flags on the streets of Ukraine is for me lika a black cloth in front of my eyes. It gives me the creeps when names like Andrij Parubij, Dmytro Jarosh, Oleg Makhnitsky & Oleh Tiahnybok are given top positions. The fact that other more representable politicians choose to cooperate with these men stains them with the same guilt.

    So, things would be much simplier and I would be all pro Ukraine if the movement would oust these elements. In fact, one single sloboda flag or one neo nazi name makes me want to call for help, and then Putin comes handy. I don't like Putin, but like Stalin is next to Hitler, so Putin is next to neo nazis. Clean that act out and we'll be fine. Thank U!

  4. The composition of the Ukrainian parliament has NOT changed in any way, since the ousting of former president Yanukovich.

    So the pre-revolution parliament is the same as post-revolutionary parliament. The only case with the ousting of the former president was that enough of his fellow party members couldn't accept the sniping on civilians, and hence promoted the idea of kicking out the president.

    And if YOU had the choice of systems, would you prefer Putins Russia or Obamas USA?

    By the way, I react equally negatively against nazism and communism. The first one is nationalSOCIALISM and the second one is MarxSOCIALISM.

    I rest my case.


    PS: Socialism does not equal humanism.