söndag 10 januari 2016

Hillary Underwood and Francis Trump

I know quite a few US citizens. And what strikes me is that thoose that I know, seem to be reasonable people. Therefore I've got a hard time to comprehend that the two most viable presidential candidates are who they are.

First and foremost the US president is one of the most powerful positions that you could give to any person. And with great powers come great RESPONSIBILITY.

None of the two top candidates has showed any aptitude for responsibility at all.

Hillary Clinton is leaking confidential and secret information in a way that could only delight foreign intelligence services. If any US military personnel would have done the same, then I'm sure that a court martial would have come to a conclusion that that person should have a dishonorable discharge. So if that would apply to a 2nd Lieutnat, why not for a possible supreme commander of the US military?

On the other end we have Donald Trump. He's a clown from start to end. I'm really dumbfolded by the support that he has. Maybe it's the Tea Party gang that thinks that his bombastic manners are statesmanlike. For me and most Europeans, he's looking more like Putin than anything else. It's enough for us that one madman has access to nukes. We prefer that the other one is sane. At least if you look at the geopolitical situation at this time.

Yes, I totally agree with the fact that Obama was more fond of speeches than action. But it is undeniably so that Obama carried on with most of Bushes policies than he would have prefered according to his speeches. But as always, can you trust a politicians words always?

So I plead to the US people. Nominate SANE and RESPONSIBLE people as potential future presidents. We, the non US people are NOT impressed by your current choices.

First and foremost, your constitution is probably ONE of the best in the world. For example, one of the founding fathers intentions were that NO religion should be prefered by the state. Which I understand. It does not matter wheter it is islam och christianity that tries to influence the politics. Humans are inherently moral beings, without the need for any fear of god in order to behave morally.

The problem is that US people has been taken hostage by their churces of different denominations, corporate companies, greedy lawyers and politicized media.

I will give the US people some advice.

First and foremost, pay some more taxes.

Invest those taxes in your military, police, FREE healt care, FREE education.

That way you will uphold you security, your health and actually have an educated population. Yes, I know that the US of A is a continent in itself and therefore you're maybe not so educated about foreign policies. In that case, don't meddle too much in foreign policy.

As a free people, don't trust your "elites" to cater for you. It's obvious when your child birth mortality is four times higher than in Europe, then your "elites" have not provided a reasonable healt service.

Yes, you can keep your guns too. Just don't do it stupidly. Morons shouldn't own guns. Nor should you carry openly. A civilized man carries concealed and discreetely. Everything else is just stupid macho shit that is childish. Did I mention that children should not have weapons?

Don't trust your corporations. They're in there for earning money, not making your country better. So they should have NO influence in politics. Use some of the increased taxes to fund the electoral process.

And with an educated population, the quality of your vote will increase. Remeber, that the poorest states are poor because of lack of education for the general population. Just to give you an idea, most European countries have free education up to and including college. And many also free universities, although you have to cater for your own housing and living expences. Yes, it sounds socialist, but in reality it is DEMOCRATIC. Because you will increase the knowlede of the general population, then your democracy will be better.

So all in all, remeber that a democracy is NEVER better than 50.1% of the voters.

And I really, really hope that 50.1% of the US voters are better than Hillary Underwood and Francis Trump.

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